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DocumentCentre 425ST » Green Standard PS Windows NT/2000/XP English driver    

Обновлено 22 февраля 2004 г. 01:14:33
Рейтинг  Снижается  16 ( -2 -12.5% )
Размер1638 Кб
ОСWindows NT,2000,XP
Green Standard PS Windows NT/2000/XP English driver for Document Centre 420/25/32/40. This driver is a GREEN driver. It has been preconfigured through the PPD or the CFG files to reduce paper consumption. When initially installed it will be configured for these changes but can be manually changed after install if the user has print management permissions. This driver is a Xerox Beta versions, not final released versions, of our printer drivers. While we have tried to ensure that these versions do work correctly, they may contain bugs or produce errors when installed on your system. Xerox does not provide technical support for these Beta products. Please refer to the End User Licensing Agreement accompanying the download for additional information. If you do find problems with the drivers please contact your local Xerox Technical support centre for Document Centre Products.
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На главную > Программы > Драйверы > DocumentCentre 425ST » Green Standard PS Windows NT/2000/XP English driver

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