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HandyConnect4 1.03    

Обновлено 23 ноября 2011 г. 23:43:58
Рейтинг  Снижается  16 ( -2 -12.5% )
Размер343 Кб
ОСWindows CE
АвторRamy Yousry
Программы автора:
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NEW Cartoon Characters Handy Connect 4. It is so much fun! Try your luck with Handy Connect 4. It is so much fun! The Brain Game is NOW available on POCKET PC! This is an all time favorite. It is so easy to play, so simple and can keep you entertained for a long time. Handy Connect 4 is a classic (Connect 4) game with many options. It is considered a delightful game to play with a group of friends if you are really bored! The rules are straightforward. The intention of the game is to slot your counters into the top of the vertical panel, and try and get 4 counters of your own color in a row and then you have won! Your opposition must try and stop you and at the same time try and score themselves 4 in a row as well. Features Include: *****Play against Cartoon characters! *****Interactive Humorous animation *****3 difficulty levels ***** Suitable for both beginners and experts *****User Friendly interface *****Challenging and daring play mode *****Hi-color graphics. With staggering color graphics and stunning animations, HandyMasters offers you a marvelous game which will never go out of fashion!
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