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TaskCapture 1.02    Посмотреть скриншот )

Обновлено 20 июля 2004 г. 16:35:26
Рейтинг 0
Размер336 Кб
АвторCaptureWorks, Inc.

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TaskCapture is the intuitive, user-friendly software that intelligently and automatically tracks working time on any document in standard applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXPress, AutoCAD and many more. It runs in the background on your computer, gathering important job-related information to your personal database (included) whenever a document is closed. When in operation, it mostly goes unnoticed and is far easier than filling in forms or entering time in an old-fashioned billing system. If you are using a timer or manually entering times, its up to 40% innaccurate because of the omissions and guesstimates that are a natural result of todays hurried, multi-tasking workflows, combined with the human tendency to procrastinate. After all, who has time for timekeeping? At the heart of TaskCapture, and what makes it so unique, is the Auto Task Jacket (left). For EVERY document you close (which has been worked on), this dialog automatically appears, capturing ALL the work, for the first time in history not requiring you to write it down or enter it in somewhere. TaskCapture proactively brings the software to you at the perfect moment, rather than waiting for you to go and enter it later (or not). The TaskCapture dialog is simple yet powerful. It remembers which Client you billed the document to before (if you already worked on it) and automatically fills in the time rounded up in your billing increment. Also, you can use your own picture as a skin to customize the look of this and other dialogs (Windows only) TaskCapture is Versatile Even if you e working offscreen, taking a call, attending a meeting, etc., TaskCapture allows you to add that activity to your database. It has a handy timer to clock such activities if you want, and also supports batch processing activities. TaskCaptures accuracy is astonishing and will give you a crystal clear picture of how your time is being spent.
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