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Evidence Destructor    

Обновлено 1 февраля 2007 г. 00:03:12
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Размер984 Кб
When you are working on your computer performing the day to day activity like surfing the Internet, paying your bills online and logging into the websites with passwords, your computer is recording most of the steps you take. For example the history of all the web sites you visited, all the pictures you downloaded, all the pages and text you see, are being recorded by the system. It is done so when you log in to the web site later, you don't have to type a whole name and you don't have to complete forms and enter passwords again. In many cases it is done for your ease of use, but the problem with that is you compromise on your security when you use all these features. If somebody were to look at your PC, which happens quite often. For example your wife wanted to use it for something, or your kids would need to play with it. Or if your computer is at work, your coworkers or your boss would have access to it. Most of the sources of information that may represent your sensitive information are stored on your computer unprotected, and can be recovered by people with some minimal knowlege of computers. It can even affect you when you least suspect it. If you, for example, let your kids download some stuff from the internet. They may download a virus or a malicious program or pictures or other offensive content without you even knowing anything about it or suspecting anything like that has happened. They can also use your computer to make purchases on the Internet (remember, your credit card an all the details are stored there and you will be left to bare the consequences of all their actions. To solve this problem, you need to clean up all the unwanted garbage that is cluttering your computer to get rid of the unwanted evidence that may be used against you one day. You need Evidence Destructor to do the job for you. This program will let you remove all the unwanted evidence from your computer and continue getting rid of it on a scheduled basis as the clutter starts
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    На главную > Программы > Утилиты > Системные > Безопасность > Evidence Destructor

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