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HSLAB Logger 3.4.19    

Обновлено 5 января 2007 г. 00:02:41
Рейтинг 0
Размер4159 Кб
The complete solution for the background control and logging the users activity. This software allows to record actions of the user (users) of a computer on start the applications, opening documents, access to the Internet and using removable media. Using this software to become possible to receive the anformation about user's actions and to take measures for prevention of non-authorized use of applications and computer system as a whole. Also you can restrict access to some programs (using file tame or keyword) or to CD/DVD/Zip and other removable media. This is very useful for the rigid control over use of computer systems in business and for the parental control over children's actions. The program is NOT keylogger and does not write any keystrokes! This is a principle position. The information, collected by the program is more enough for the control over use of a computer and without recording of the user's passwords. Using this software you can: - record user's activity; - record actions only the selected users or all users; - record the restricted actions or all actions; - use a ban list for prevention of some actions; - rectrict access to removable drives end execute some actions when the restriction occur; - rectrict access to programs end execute some actions when the restriction occur; - rectrict access by keywords end execute some actions when the keyword found; At access to removable drives you can set the following actions: - write information about this event to log and continue; - eject removable media and continue; - shutdown Windows. At access to programs you can set the following actions: - write information about this event to log and continue; - kill restricted program and continue; - shutdown Windows.
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  • HSLAB Logger - Утилита, предназначенная для фонового контроля за активностью пользователей на компьютере. HSLAB Logger позволяет записывать действия пользователей за компьютером, такие, как: запуск приложений, открытие документов, доступ в Интернет и использование сменн
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На главную > Программы > Утилиты > Системные > Безопасность > HSLAB Logger 3.4.19

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