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Only SureTime can provide real-time multi-user client & project time tracking to eliminate manual time entry and provide billing assurance. Authenticates billable time for clients & employers to faciliate telecommuting and accurate on-site and off-site billing. SureTime includes enterprise level features, but with small business simplicity and affordability. Email or print invoices, time sheets, project reports, & more. Runs in real-time as a customizable toolbar to make time keeping faster, easier, & more accurate. Expense tracking, imports/exports data, multi-tier billing rates, report scheduling, and data synchronization are just a few of its many features. SureTime uniquely detects inactivity to remind you to categorize off-computer activities like phone calls, meetings & breaks. Sync data between home and office. Never forget to track or bill another minute of work time! Collaborate and share notes with other project team members. Bill out minimum charges and even be warned if you're about to exceed a project budget. Optional activity monitoring can authenticate the accuracy of billable time whether its from an employee, telecommuter, or off-site contractor. Want to work from home at least part-time? This is the tool to put your manager or client's mind at ease! SureTime logs billable time spent per application or document, but logging can be disabled while on break to protect privacy. Encryption and multi-user securnty permissions also protect privacy. SureTime can track overtime and paid breaks in real-time, and you can track reimbursable expenses, holidays, vacations, and an array of other vital billing statistics. Automatically bill time to a client, project, or task based upon the application or document you open, saving you valuable time and making time tracking far easier and more accurate. Customizable reporting lets you gather business intelligence to make better decisions. See www.suretime.com for more information.
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